Travel With Mushahid Fayaz

Hello EVERYONE, welcome here, in the world of travel adventures, brought to you by no one other than Austin Re Eaxe himself.

Lets start from the very basics……………

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  1. Do you have a strong desire of travelling to different places?
  2. Are you among those, who dream of doing nothing, other than travel?
  3. Do you want your life to be adventurous and completely different from the people around you? 

If your answer to any of the questions is yes, then you are on the right track to know the basics of different places, cultures, nature, customs, people and adventures, from this Blog because here Austin Re Eaxe is bringing you ALL OF THAT.

What i really do is, going  to different places, capturing them,making videos, of the fun i had there and uploading on you-tube, writing stories on this blog about those places and giving you people the taste of essence and aroma that place is endowed with. Thus i simply do the work that provides me the adrenaline rush, (that was my dream and desire from the very beginning) and provide you the knowledge you were looking for and needed.

I am completely same as you except for the single thing that i know “i am not gonna make out of this world alive, so i want to live, to be silly, wise, bad, good, true, fake………….. everything, and above all i want to be #me #whatiam #whatishouldbe and what really makes me Austin Re Eaxe.

Austin Re Eaxe is just my pen name and actually My name is Mushahid fayaz and i am as common as you people i.e. i am no rich, i am no brave, i am no muscular……. na nothing at all, But i am Realistic, and i see my life as it needs to be seen. That’s what i want from you people, i know you are not living great lives, but i want you to find you and your essence to make your life truly great. People who are living great lives have passed the bad roads of there lively journey and people like me are afraid of getting caught in the mesh of those roads, but for a while ask your brain to remain calm and silent, to listen the opinion of your heart and if your heart says there is hope of passing the roads then start your journey now…………..!!

                                                                                                                          #Mushahid (Reeze)   

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