AAREY COLONY PROJECT: A brief summary.

On the day, we were told about this project on Aarey, i had two thoughts in mind. First one was obviously "Oh my god, another project!" but the moment, i listened more about what we were supposed to do, i felt a slight optimism arising in me. I knew there certainly is a part in... Continue Reading →



I didn't go outside from last two three days, so i decided to click some pictures from my room, and this was the result. It was evening time so birds were everywhere, which resulted in birds being in almost every frame of my picture. The Birds, the evening and the frame collectively made these pictures... Continue Reading →

I am Adventure Driven….!!

I always thought that i don't like History. But today,when i was at Kanheri caves, i really wanted to know about the caves, when were they built, what do they represent, why there, etc etc... After spending my day out, on coming back, i typed on google "History of Kanheri caves". i went through the... Continue Reading →


Captured these images at Marine drive Mumbai... I know the images are not that good, but i didn't captured them with the intention of posting. i wanted to capture something there so i did, and it was really one of the best evenings of my life.           Thanks...

12 am Conversation…!!!

It was 11:00 pm, I thought about calling my parents but suddenly i realized it was very late to call Kashmir at that time. Things in Kashmir are completely in contrast to other parts of the country, people there wake up early, sleep early and spend most time of the day in working. Evenings are... Continue Reading →

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